Dog Training & Socialization Classes

Due to the evenings getting dark early, CDR training classes will move to Sunday mornings starting Sept. 20th.

There will be NO Wednesday class, September 16th.

Puppies at 10:00am
1 yr and older at 10:30am

These will remain outdoors classes, weather permitting until mid October. Please make sure both you and your dog have the appropriate equipment.

There are, however, specific guidelines we must follow in order for us to do this.
1) Classes will be outside only (weather permitting). Grass area between fields 4 & 5.
2) There will be no access to the indoor facility. There are NO outdoor restrooms available.
3) Must maintain Social Distancing of 6 feet. Only 1 handler/owner per dog. All other family members must watch from the car or parking lot.
4) Bring your own bowl and water for your dog.
5) No loaner leashes, however they may be purchased.
6) There will be mosquito’s, so insect repellent and/or appropriate clothing is recommended.
7) Dog/puppies must be on heart-worm preventative and flea and tick treatments. 
8) Handlers, closed shoes required, no sandals.

There will be a required waiver that MUST be signed and brought with to the class in order to participate. 

Dogs/puppies must be on a well fitting collar or harness.
A 6 foot leather leash or cotton web leash is required. Absolutely no retractable leashes, nylon leashes, bungee leashes or chain leashes allowed.
Handlers/owners are required to wear gym shoes or closed toe shoe, for safety(no sandals or flip flops)

All puppies and dogs must have their required vaccinations including bordetella and must have a clean fecal. It is extremely important for owners to understand that the dogs are to be free from any intestinal parasites.

Owners must also be healthy and free of have any signs of fever, respiratory issues, sore throat and sudden loss of smell (Covid symptoms).

We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines, so that we may continue to provide these training classes.

Any questions, please contact CDR’s training department.

Any questions contact Lu Anne @708/828-8666

**   The  waiver must be signed and brought with to the class in order to participate.


Free Lifelong Training For Our Rescue Dogs

Weekly socialization and basic obedience training is offered to all adopters FREE OF CHARGE for the lifetime of the dog, something no other group offers!  This is made possible by a team of generous trainers who donate their time and sponsors who donate the space. Training is crucial for happy dogs and ensures that our adopted dogs remain in their happy households forever.  A minimum of 4 free training sessions is required for all adopted dogs.

dgNon-CDR Dogs Can Participate Too!

Your dog doesn’t have to be a Chicagoland Dog Rescue alum to attend our training classes. We ask for a one time donation of $60 per dog for the first 6 classes. 100% of the training fee goes to rescuing more dogs! So not only are you getting a well trained dog, but you are helping other dogs as well!

After this, lifetime training is available for free. Additional donations are welcome but not required.

Call 847-259-6458 for more information. 100% of training fees are donated to Chicagoland Dog Rescue and goes toward rescuing more dogs.



Safety Requirements

These guidelines will ensure the safety of both people and pets.

  • All dogs must be on a 6 foot leather leash. Leashes will be available for purchase during class. No retractable leashes.
  • All dogs must be on well-fitting collars or harnesses – though proper fitting training collars are required for adult dogs larger than 20 lbs and over 6 months.  No pinch collars, please, unless instructed by one of the trainers. For puppies under 6 months, a regular collar, fitted appropriately.
  • Puppies are required to have had their second set of vaccinations, a bordetella vaccine and a negative fecal test result.
  • Handlers are required to wear closed toe and closed back shoes. No sandals or flip-flops.

If your dog is in need of an evaluation or special one-on-one training for specific problems, please contact us directly at 847-985-7384.   We will set up an appointment to address your concerns.

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