Fostering A Dog

Offer A Safe, Loving Environment For Our Four-Legged Friends
We’re a shelter-less, no-kill rescue.  Most of our dogs are in foster homes around the Chicagoland area, where they’re medically and emotionally rehabilitated by volunteers who give them the love and support they need during this difficult time in their lives.



As a foster parent, you will enjoy nurturing your dog, physically and emotionally until it is adopted, and that can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. And CDR will be there with you every step of the way. Most dogs are adopted within a month.  All food and supplies are provided at no cost to you and medical expenses are covered by Chicagoland Dog Rescue.  You’ll work with a seasoned volunteer to find the foster dog that is right for you, and you’ll never be pressured to take in a dog that isn’t a good fit for your household.


In addition to providing shelter, you’ll transport your foster dog to and from our weekly adoption event in Schaumburg, and accompany them to vet appointments in Schaumburg as needed.  Since you know your foster dog best, you’ll provide insight into their unique needs and help assess potential adopters by reviewing their applications and visiting their homes.


By fostering a dog, you’ll:

  • Offer a warm, safe, loving environment – away from the life in a shelter
  • Give them regular interaction with humans and other animals, which is necessary for successful socialization
  • Provide valuable insight on their social and physical needs and temperament, which is helpful in matching them to their forever home


If you’d like to become a foster home for Chicagoland Dog Rescue, please fill out the application below or call us with any questions.