Giving Tuesday is here. 

This year we would like you to consider making a donation to Chicagoland Dog Rescue.
We have had another very busy year and it’s not quite over yet – So far this year we have saved 411 dogs and 2 cats. There are another 50 we are trying to save, but we need committed fosters before we can bring them in.
Here are just a few of the very special “Special Needs” dogs we’ve saved this year.
Sophie was a 3 month old baby when she came to us. She was one very sick puppy. One of her kidneys was malformed and needed to be removed or she would not have survived. Sophie’s emergency medical care and surgery to remove her kidney cost us just under $10K.
Trixie was an 8 week old puppy found wandering. She was malnourished, mangey and full of worms.
Mina was found by a postal worker and was still alive, but barely. She was suffering from a severe case of mange and a secondary infection. Mina was unable to move and her eyes were swollen completely shut.
Helen is partially blind and was found wandering down the middle of a road. She was brought to the local shelter and never claimed.
Abby was dumped and discarded like trash. She was incredibly sweet, but in need of medical attention. She was in so much pain from having two torn CCL (ACL) ligaments that she spent most of her waking hours lying down. We made sure she received much needed surgery to repair her knees.
Iris was a walking skeleton and heartworm positive when she joined us. She is currently in a foster home and going thru heartworm treatment. 
These are just a few of the dogs we’ve brought in this years that have required extra care, extra love and extra money.
Sure, we love puppies and save lots of them, but our hearts belong to the underdogs. 

Bring us your old, your sick, your furry masses…

We’ve all heard of the famous poem by Emma Lazarus that resides on a plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty. It starts like this… Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…
Our unwritten poem would begin like this… Bring us your old, your sick, your furry masses with broken spirits and broken bones…

Make A Recurring or One-Time Donation

Donate any dollar amount one-time or on a recurring basis. Chicagoland Dog Rescue prides itself on being 100% volunteer ran. Every dollar of your donation goes toward saving dogs lives. You save dogs by helping us rescue them from shelters and provide them with the loving and caring homes they deserve. Consider making a recurring donation today to help us on an ongoing basis.

Chicagoland Dog Rescue is a 501(3)c charitable organization.


Our hearts are always with the ones who need us the most.

Here’s a snippet of what our medical bills have looked like the last couple of years.

2019 – $171,192.00
2020 – $178,194.00
2021 – $274,892.00

Our 2021 bills include $27,975.00 paid for the heartworm treatments of 37 dogs. We still have a month to go and we will most likely surpass  $300,000.00 in total vet bills for this year.

We are suckers for the trainwrecks as these are the dogs who would not make it out of the shelters without us.

Some ask us why would spend so much money on these dogs. To them, we say, each and every one of these dogs is deserving of a second chance and each and every one of them is worth it.

Will you help us this Giving Tuesday by making a donation? With your help we’ll be able to save more dogs just like Sophie, Trixie, Mina, Helen, Abby and Iris.

This #givingtuesday, please consider giving to Chicagoland Dog Rescue. Every donation helps.