It’s Giving Tuesday!

Chicagoland Dog Rescue is so blessed and thankful for its supporters, fosters, vet partners, shelter partners and our boarding/daycare facility for GIVING us the ability to help and save so many precious lives.

Below are just a few of the lives we have touched recently.

During 2022 we have been honored to save so many dogs from unspeakable situations, including our precious Polar Bear, Henri!

This dear boy was found sitting quietly on the side of a seldom-traveled road in Ottawa, Illinois. It appeared he had been dumped and abandoned, yet he sat patiently gazing towards the horizon for his family to return. All he ever saw was a slowly disappearing sun.

This incredibly sweet boy has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his front left leg. After a consult with an Oncologist, it has been determined the best path forward for this gentle boy is to keep him comfortable and let him live his best life for however long he might have left.

Henri doesn’t know he is sick. He wakes up every morning ready to patrol his backyard and keep all his fellow pack members safe like any good Great Pyrenees should do. He has found his happily ever after with his wonderful family and is loved and adored. Our goal is to keep Henri happy and feeling good for as long as we can.


This awesome lad was picked up as a stray in Chicago and brought to Chicago Animal Care and Control. No one ever came to claim him and that might be for the best considering the deplorable condition he was in.

A plea was sent out for a rescue group to save this sweet boy, and it didn’t need to go any farther than CDR!

We pulled him from CACC and were lucky to find a fabulous foster home for him. Jarvis was overrun with lumps, bumps and one of his testicles was the size of an orange. It was suspected that he might have cancer due to the looks of the growth. We had our vet remove some of the suspect bumps and neuter him. All the growths were biopsied and were found to all be benign! Talk about a miracle! Jarvis is absolutely rocking his newfound health and looks and feels better than he has in years!

Some of you may remember Stevie’s incredible story.

Saving this boy has miracle written all over it! We have looked at this picture countless times and still can’t believe it all turned out A-OK!

Stevie was found hanging upside down from a tree in Alabama. His left hind leg was trapped and impossibly twisted up in some vines hanging from the tree.
He was lucky that someone heard his cries and came to find out what was going on. He had to be cut down from the tree and was taken to the local shelter.

Unfortunately, too much damage had been done to his leg and it had to be amputated.
But all in all, Stevie is one lucky tripod. He apparently never got the memo about losing that flipper and gets around great and enjoys playing just like any four-legged dog.

This sweet pup recently joined our pack sporting a scarred face and was extremely fearful of everything he saw.

We do not know what kind of trauma caused the scarring on his face, but we are determined to make sure his future is filled with nothing but love and a fabulous forever family.

He is already feeling better about his life and is starting to show us that his personality has no scars at all!

These are just a few of the dogs we’ve brought in this years that have required extra care, extra love and extra money.
Sure, we love puppies and save lots of them, but our hearts belong to the underdogs. 

Bring us your old, your sick, your furry masses…

We’ve all heard of the famous poem by Emma Lazarus that resides on a plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty. It starts like this… Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…
Our unwritten poem would begin like this… Bring us your old, your sick, your furry masses with broken spirits and broken bones…

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Our hearts are always with the ones who need us the most.

These are just a few of the stories from the 250+ dogs that we have saved so far this year. We literally receive pleas for help daily.

We have been able to save so many dogs because of your help and support.

There are still so many more that are waiting to be saved…that part NEVER changes.

Please consider donating to our Giving Tuesday fundraiser. None of this is possible without your help and support. Together we can continue our mission to save as many injured and homeless dogs as possible each year. We look forward to working together with you to save many, many more deserving souls.

Your giving funds will enable us to care for all the sick, injured, and homeless dogs and puppies that need us the most. Your kindness and generosity will truly make a meaningful difference in the lives of so many sweet souls.