Spring Vintage Fashion Show

at Heritage Trail Mercantile
presented by House of Holly Vintage

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This ticket acts as an RSVP for a guest to join our Spring Vintage Fashion Show at Heritage Trail Mercantile March 23d, 6:00pm

Cocktail and appetizers served. Seating is limited.

About This Event

All proceeds from this Fashion Show go to Chicagoland Dog Rescue. And here’s why:

From the owner of Heritage Trail Mercantile, Lisa:

“I received Holly from Chicagoland Dog Rescue in Dec 2020.


She arrived on an all-night transport from Clark Co. Alabama.


Holly was in very poor condition and sick with Heartworms and covered in mats.


I could tell she was living on the streets and eating garbage. The mats under her chin had bits of food labels in them. She had an eye that had discharge from irritation causing a mat to partially cover her eye.


Under all that was the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. After a long treatment and recovery paid for by Chicagoland Dog Rescue, she became my sidekick in my retail business. She is the best store greeter.


Holly and I are grateful to CDR and their volunteers. They truly are miracle workers.

(I’m) Looking forward to raising awareness and money for CDR so they can continue to help more dogs like Holly.”