Success Story

- A Chicagoland Dog Rescue Canine That Found Their Permanent Happy Home!


Max has transformed since we got him.  He was apathetic and wanted to sleep all the time (It’s still his favorite thing).  Now he has come alive.  He was very afraid of stairs but now goes up and down with no trouble, except when he wants to make a big deal out of it so he can get a treat.  He came with the oversized “puppy” you see in the picture and it is still the toy he drags around love to have tug-a-wars and chase when it is thrown.  He plays with our grandchildren, especially the youngest, Eli, who loves him dearly.  Most of all he and I go for long walks in all but the worst weather.  We take “smell” walks of a couple of miles a day quite often.

He’s the best dog we’ve every had.  Loving, friendly with everybody, a clown that keeps us laughing all the time

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