Success Story

- A Chicagoland Dog Rescue Canine That Found Their Permanent Happy Home!

Maggie (formerly Brekka)

CDR alum, Maggie(formerly Brekka)(black and white pup) has landed in a wonderful furever HOME! Her Dad let us know how great things are going! “. Brekka (now Maggie) is doing great! She’s so fun and has been addition to our family. She’s incredibly attached to our older dog Charlie and wants to do everything with him. They’re never apart and have become the best of friends.
She’s done well with both potty and crate training as well as some basic commands, and we’re planning to take her to doggie training at the place where board after the first of the year. We’re actually planning to take them both because she’s pretty shy when Charlie’s not around and she’s good at following his lead.”
Congrats to Maggie and her furever family! Lots of love and happiness ahead!​e.

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