Success Story

- A Chicagoland Dog Rescue Canine That Found Their Permanent Happy Home!

Zoe (formerly Greta)

Big ears RULE! And former CDR alum, Zoe (formerly Greta) is rockin’ an AMAZING pair! Her family sent us this great update “Last week she got to take pictures with Santa and she met her cousin puppy Kitty. She’s been doing amazing meeting new people and even other doggos! She loves going for walks… playing fetch… and destroying all her new toys! She doesn’t bark much or chew much. 😅 I’ve been expecting to lose more than a few pairs of shoes but so far so good. She lost her first tooth yesterday… 🦷 She’s growing up so fast! She’s 31.8 pounds and growing. I see lots of brushing and playing in our future. All in all she’s been doing GREAT!”
Congrats to Zoe and her wonderful family! Lots of fun and love are yet to come!

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