Decorate Our Tree of Love

Share The Love with Our Rescue Pups

By donating one of the virtual items below, you help our volunteers purchase real items for our rescue dogs.  Our non-for-profit organization relies on volunteers to care for dogs, and we rely on your support. We are raising money for our dogs with heartworms.  Heartworm treatment is $500 per dog – Please consider donating to help mend their “broken” hearts.

Donors that provide a virtual decoration may leave a message that will appear next to your virtual item and will be seen by future site visitors. If no message is provided, your decoration will be marked with your first name.  Please specify if you would like your donation to remain anonymous at checkout.


Payment can be made with PayPal or any major Credit Card.  Please allow 1 business day for your virtual decoration and message to be approved and posted. 

Virtual Holiday Donation scene

Add A Small Heart

By donating a small heart to our Tree of Love, you help Chicagoland Dog Rescue supply treats for our rescued pooches.

Minimum price: $5.00

Add A Small Flower

By adding a small flower to our Spring scene, you help Chicagoland Dog Rescue purchase a collar and leash for our pups.

Minimum price: $10.00

Add A Fancy Flower

Adding a fancy flower to this virtual scene helps in a big way. Because of you, a rescue dog can receive the vet care they need.

Minimum price: $25.00

Add A Fancy Heart

Adding a fancy heart to this virtual scene helps in a big way. Because of you, Chicagoland Dog Rescue can purchase a bed for a rescue dog that doesn’t have a good place to sleep.

Minimum price: $35.00

Add A Puppy

Generously donating a puppy to our scene helps Chicagoland Dog Rescue purchase treatment for our dogs that tested positive for heartworms. We have NINE dogs currently that are heartworm positive. Please consider donating to fix these broken hearts!

Minimum price: $50.00

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