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Help Mend Our “Broken” Hearts

It’s that magical time of year! We are kicking off our Valentine’s Day fundraiser to help all the heartworm positive dogs that will joining our pack.

In 2020 we rescued 37 heartworm positive dogs. Each one of them has been treated and they are all doing fabulous.

Today we are raising money to mend more broken hearts.

Heartworm disease is serious, highly preventable, and can cause lasting damage to a dog’s lungs, heart and/or other organs. The damage is caused by parasitic worms and is spread through the bite of a mosquito.

The frustrating part is heartworm disease can easily be prevented. All it takes to keep a dog free from this disease is one little pill a month.

On average it costs us on average $700.00 per dog for the heartworm treatment only. That’s over $25,000.00 we spent treating these 37 dogs just for their heartworm disease. Any other vetting, they may have needed is in addition to the $25K.
We are hoping you will help us fund heartworm treatments for all the heartworm positive dogs who will be joining our pack. We already have two that have joined us – Bronx and Sid. We are working on finding fosters for our next two – Enyo and Walker Hound…

Your donations will have a lasting impact on all our pack members with heartworm disease.



*Donors that provide a virtual decoration may leave a message that will appear next to your virtual item and will be seen by future site visitors. If no message is provided, your decoration will be marked with your first name.  Please specify if you would like your donation to remain anonymous at checkout.

**Payment can be made with PayPal or any major Credit Card.  Please allow 1 business day for your virtual decoration and message to be approved and posted. 

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Add A Small Heart


For every small heart you add, you help Chicagoland Dog Rescue provide microchipping for one puppy.

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Add A Small Flower


Adding a small flower to our Spring scene, you help Chicagoland Dog Rescue provide deworming for a new puppy.

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Add A Puppy


Donating a virtual puppy to our scene helps Chicagoland Dog Rescue purchase vaccines for our newest puppies.

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Add A Fancy Flower


Adding a fancy flower to this virtual scene provides a rescue puppy with a months-worth of food.

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Add A Fancy Heart


Adding a fancy heart to this virtual scene allows Chicagoland Dog Rescue to purchase rabies vaccines for a puppy in need!

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